All requests for annual donations made in March, April, and May will not be addressed until the 3rd quarter. Please hold off further annual donation requests until the 4th quarter as 3rd quarter funds are already designated. Your patience is appreciated.

Information for Rescuers

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We assist many of these rescue organization with some of their basic financial needs. This includes veterinary and shelter fees, plus boarding and training fees. If an organization meets our standards, we will support them on an annual basis or in a dire emergency situation.


OSF has been in existence since 1986 under our family name. The name was changed to On Shore foundation in 2005. On Shore Foundation contributes to over 1000 organizations (and counting).  We intend to continue to fund small, mostly volunteer-run, hands-on non-profits which have dedicated their money, time and efforts to saving animals and the environment. These groups must be 501(c)(3) organizations working in the fields of animal welfare, wildlife preservation, and animal population control. We do not provide funds to or for the media. 

​Helping Animals, Promoting Spay and Neuter and Assisting Non-Profits

All requests for help must be sent to:

Make only ONE request for the same animal.

With your Original Message:
Include Fees and Expenses.
Include the Name & Address of Rescuer or Vet depending upon where you would like the donation sent.
Please include all this information with first and only request.


On Shore Foundation Inc. DOES NOT respond to requests for donations by MASS MAILINGS or requests by e-mail! We only send an annual donation to non-profits in our database. We have been inundated by mailings from dozens of organizations requesting donations. Please refer to our clear and simple website instructions for an annual donation from OSF as well as our guidelines which you must fit within for a donation. Current Information: OSF has recently cleared all non-profits from its database who have not requested donations prior to 2013. Should you wish to be re-instated please follow simple directions on our donation request page. Thank you very much.